Varajs Biotecnica is a young and dynamic healthcare company based in INDIA. Varajs Biotecnica is built with most experienced and professional directors who drive major strategic, financial and operational needs of the company. Varajs Biotecnica is known for its value and care for mankind and focused in developing countries.

Our values are to care for mankind by offering high quality products that ensures trust and well being.


To be known as a company offering innovative products with high quality standards and accomplish goals to build a great organization with sustainable growth.


We are healthcare company dedicated to human wellness. Most of our work revolves around human well being and care for life.
  • Pharmaceucticals: Our range of products starts from General Care to specialty care and focuses on providing specific needs to countries. These products are produced under stringent quality control and are approved by WHO GMP / EU GMP. Most of our pharmaceutical products are registered and adhere to regulations.

  • Nutraceuticals : We strongly believe that prevention is better than cure, and one should take care of his diet and exercise regularly to keep himself fit. To offer better solutions for a healthy living we provide a range of nutraceuticals which starts from general nutrition to even skin care.

  • Medical Devices and Surgicals : Under Medical Devices and Surgicals our products are approved by CE OR USFDA and offer world class products

  • IT & Gaming : Varajs Biotecnica is proud to be associate with our venture in UK . We provide solutions in IT and gaming and offer services in similar field to some of our customers who look for end to end solutions and product based services or solutions.